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Sa Piling Mo 


The most celebrated love team in the industry to date, Judy Ann Santos and Piolo Pascual after two years of pursuing solo endeavors, sizzled on the big screen last month with Star Cinema’s “Don’t Give Up On Us.” Now Juday and Piolo are ready to set the small screen on fire, this time with ABS-CBN’s newest teleserye offering “Sa Piling Mo” starting tonight February 27.

In this must see TV event, directed by three of ABS-CBN’s finest directors – Jerry Lopez-Sineneng, Trina Dayrit and Rory Quintos, “Sa Piling Mo” brings us Judy Ann and Piolo in a more mature storyline. “Sa Piling Mo” is the tale of Jennifer and Adrian, childhood friends who fall in love with each other as they grew up. Despite Adrian being blind, he is full of life, something readily apparent in his passion for singing. Jennifer learns that Adrian’s handicap can be cured but not without a high price. With time being the enemy, for her boyfriend’s condition will be permanent in a year, Jennifer

resorted to joining a crime syndicate and was caught and imprisoned. What happens now to the separated lovers and their dream of a better life together?

Straight at the heels of their multi-million-grossing movie, ABS-CBN brings fans this new vehicle for Judy Ann and Piolo, which makes the most of their compelling chemistry and dramatic brilliance. The soap opera also boasts of its stellar cast. Rica Peralejo is Nicole, the woman who helps Adrian after he loses contact with Jennifer. Veteran stars Bembol Roco, Mat Ranillo III and Liza Lorena will play crucial characters on the show. Adding to the ‘kilig’ factor of the teleserye is the love triangle of Maja Salvador, John Wayne Sace and Rafael Martinez. Comedienne Kitkat, and former PBB Housemate Jayson Gainza, in his first teleserye role, on the other hand will provide the funny and laughter filled parts of the story. ABS-CBN has also enlisted the help of award-winning actor Albert Martinez for “Sa Piling Mo”, in his first ABS-CBN teleserye. He plays Benicio, a man who helps Jennifer rebuild her life after prison.

“Sa Piling Mo's” formidable production team is headed by Malou N. Santos, Executive In-Charge of Production with Supervising Producer Julie Anne R. Benitez, Executive Producer Des de Guzman-Tanwangco, and Associate Producer Myleen Ongkiko. The Creative Team is headed by Olivia M. Lamasan as the series’ Over-All In-Charge of Creative, with Creative Manager Ricky Lee, headwriters Dindo Perez and Henry King Quitain and writers Francis Pasion and Denise O'Hara completing the team.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Sa Piling Mo” on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida block tonight, February 27 right after “Gulong Ng Palad.”

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Still Searches for Adrian on Sa Piling Mo

It was another miss
for Jennifer (Judy Ann Santos)
and Adrian (Piolo Pascual) when the two spent several days
in the same hospital yet not seeing each other on hit teleserye
Sa Piling Mo. But Jennifer has not given up hope yet as she
tries to find ways for her and Adrian to cross paths again.
Will her ingenious plan work? Or does fate have other plans
for the two of them?

It was the near miss that broke
millions of hearts as Jennifer gave birth and Adrian finally
had his eyes operated on in one and the same hospital. Adrian
remembered what the psychic once told him and Jennifer, that
the woman he first lays eyes on will be the person he will
be with the rest of his life. Technically he did see Jennifer
in a wheelchair first but Nicole was the first name he puts
a face to. And although Benicio changes information about
her new born son, Jennifer is determined to leave his care
and look for Adrian.

She returns to San Pedro after
leaving the hospital’s care to see if she can still
find a connection with her lover. This time, she tests a theory
that if Adrian hears about her supposed death, he would come
to the cemetery where she is alleged to be buried and find
out for himself if Jennifer was really dead. And so Jennifer
waits beside her fake grave. But how long can she keep her
hopes up? Or will she just give up on ever reuniting with
Adrian again after this, and just go with Benicio (Albert
Martinez), who has proposed to give her a new life and a new
identity as his widow sister-in-law Katherine Chuatoco? So
don’t dare miss this Friday’s exciting episode
of Sa Piling Mo on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida block right
after Gulong Ng Palad.

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